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BEautifully Unwinding

Jan 27, 2022

On the podcast today is Zoelle Devlin. Experiencing her first panic attack in second grade, Zoelle grew up with first hand knowledge, awareness and personal experience of debilitating anxiety. She was raised to be a mindful person and started therapy early. She found her therapist aka “soul mate” at age fourteen and started her mindfulness journey over 10 years ago. Listening to her own internal guidance despite the “shoulds”, Zoelle dropped out of college to pursue her dream to become a jewelry designer and bootstrapped Love Zoelle for five years. Since then she has opened a private show room in the heart of downtown Missoula, MT creating over 40 custom engagement rings and her work has been featured in Bride, Vogue and The Knot. Zoelle recently founded Love Dot, a sustainable clothing brand making clothing for women on the go.

It took Zoelle years to find her daily routine and rituals and she is constantly evolving and trying new things. She shares her story of resiliency and reflects the possibilities and hope to never give up.  She found that in order for her to be a productive business woman, to care for herself and be the best version of herself she needed to incorporate mindfulness as part of her life daily.

During this conversation we explore:

  • Healing from anxiety through openness and extreme validation
  • Dropping out of college to create a fine jewelry company
  • Cultivating awareness of self and growing by reflecting on failures daily
  • The importance of scheduling time with friends
  • Following creativity and feelings of expansion
  • The gifts of parents reflecting and acting on what they wish they would have had for mental health
  • Mindfulness Tools Zoelle uses to be the best version of herself which affects all of those around her
  • Trail and Error to cultivate mindfulness practices for personal empowerment
  • And so much more....

Thank you so much for listening in today for being open to the curiosity of what healing might look like for you. If this conversation has you curious and wanting more you can find Zoelle's contact information in the show notes below. In addition, I have created a FREE journal prompt pdf to help you breakthrough the cycles that are causing you to feel stuck! - to access click > FREE JOURNAL PDF : BEautifully Unwind One Page at a Time

Have a magical day my friends!


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